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Big Shot®

Our long standing formaldehyde blends for maximum coverage and performance in the heat of the summer. The ultimate in odor control. All formulas contain non-staining dye.

ULTRA Powr Pak  Series
Concentrated non-formaldehyde powder toilet treatment in a convenient quick dissolving,
no-staining packet.  The time-released odor control formula provides continual coverage in all types of holding tanks.  Easy-to-use and biodegradable. 300 packets per case.

Deodorizers & Fragrance Enhancers

A wide selection of RTU and highly concentrated  products formulated to complement our toilet treatments and control the most obnoxious odors in high traffic area in extreme temperatures.

Companion  Products

Specialty developed graffiti removers, cleaners, disinfectants, hand sanitizers, and hand care products specifically designed to handle the unique problems operators face every day.   


The PowrX™ line offers highly concentrated non-formaldehyde toilet treatments which are safe for use in all self-contained sanitation systems. These biodegradable, environmentally safe formulas outperform all concentrated non-formaldehyde toilet treatments on the market today. Choose the formulation that best suits your needs.

At CPACEX we strive to be the single source for all Professional Restroom Operators.   We provide materials and expertise required to operate a successful portable restroom operation.

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